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Process intelligence platform for the waste & recycling industry

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Design, model and optimise

 SortFlow is a unique and innovative software solution to design, model and virtually test waste recovery and recycling processes.

It supports companies in the waste and recycling industry in 2 ways:

  1. It facilitates the design of new waste recovery and recycling operations 

  2. It helps companies optimise the efficiency and profitability of their existing waste processing operations

SortFlow aims to brings simplicity and reliability to the design and operation processes.

SortFlow aims to reduce the environmental impact of waste by helping industry companies design and operate waste processing facilities more efficiently. 

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Key product features


Design/model any waste sorting process quickly and efficiently, whether it's a completely new design or an existing waste processing operation. 


Identify your process bottlenecks to optimise your production runs and determine the best upgrade paths for your process.


Virtually run any input materials through a recovery or recycling process to test how it would cope under different operational scenarios. 


Share your work with other people within your organisation and let them bring their expertise to your project.


Assess the technical and commercial performance of your process and adjust the market prices to build forecasts and establish the best recovery strategy.


Extract complete reports in Excel format at the click of a button.


Who is it for?

Waste Management Companies & Plastic Recyclers

Evaluate and compare different sorting solutions for your MRF and PRF projects both on a technical and commercial level. Help with the piloting and optimisation of your existing MRF and PRF operations. Run revenue and OPEX forecasts, optimise throughput based on specific input materials and identify your process bottlenecks to target the best paths for upgrade.

Plant Builders, System Integrators & Specialist Equipment Manufacturers

Design, model and test waste sorting processes quickly and efficiently. Mass balance table is built automatically and reliably (no more formula errors!) Volume distribution is calculated throughout the process which is ideal for sizing all equipment and transfer conveyors. With SortFlow, you can build faster and better!

Consultants & Engineering Offices

Design, assess and compare different sorting solutions to establish which one offers the best technical and commercial performances. Identify process bottlenecks to estbalish the best paths for upgrade. Establish the best commerical strategy to maximise an operation's revenues.

Technical features


Cloud hosting

Connect to your account from anywhere on any computer


High security

The platform is hosted onto highly-secure, best-in-class Amazon Web Services servers. 


Daily backup

Data is backed up daily.